Client and Colleague Testimonials

Rachel has profound multifaceted skills–conceptualizing,analyzing, designing, writing, and collaborating. She produces the highest quality work in close partnership with her colleagues. No idea is too big to consider, and no detail too small to tend to.

Ann Hendrix Jenkins, former Director of Capacity Development at Pact

Every day, Rachel demonstrates the kind of organizational and initiative-taking skills that make her an asset to any team. She’s always ready to tackle new challenges and knows how to solve problems. I rely heavily on her knowledge to ensure high-quality, well-written documents, and she always provides useful input to the process of producing top-notch publications in the field of food security and nutrition.

Jeff Feldmesser, former Director of Communications at FHI 360 and Rachel’s former supervisor

I hired Rachel as a temp and knew almost immediately she was a keeper, at all costs. Incredibly bright, productive, detail oriented and always thinking through how to improve systems, Rachel was able to attack the most dense and arcane of technical content and ensure consistency and polish.

Joan Whelan, former Director of Communications at AED and Rachel’s former supervisor

Rachel manages large, complex communications projects efficiently and in a very timely and organized manner. She anticipates communication needs and communicates these needs well in advance of deadlines to ensure colleagues possess ample time to respond accordingly. Rachel’s editing skills are excellent and she works as a team with writers to ensure the final product is not only concise but also accurate and precise. It has been a pleasure to work with Rachel.

Monica Woldt, former Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition Advisor at AED and FHI 360