The TOPS Program and FSN Network Core Competency Series

Core Competency series cover

Authored by The TOPS Program and FSN Network Task Forces
Produced by Rachel Elrom for The TOPS Program in May 2015
The combined series booklet is available for pdf download via this website or the FSN Network Resource Library. The individual positions are available on the FSN Network.

The Core Competency Series, available by individual position and in a combined booklet, was developed by staff from The Technical and Operational Performance Support (TOPS) Program with significant contributions from the various task forces of the Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) Network. Rachel Elrom edited all core competencies, harmonized them across the various positions and technical sectors, developed the layout concept, and formatted and produced the individual files and combined booklet.

The series intends to provide hiring managers, program managers, and program staff with explanations of the basic skills and knowledge senior technical staff may possess to carry out their positions effectively. These core competencies also may be used to assess gaps in staff knowledge and prepare capacity-building plans through discussion and review of the core competency areas or through use of The TOPS Program Self-Assessment Toolkit for Effective Development Food Assistance Programming. Please contact the appropriate task force via for access to the self-assessment tool in your technical area.