Palestinian Investment Partners: Promoting Investment for Economic Growth

Screenshot of the Palestinian Investment Partners booklet of success stories

Authors: Charmaine Seitz, with contributions from Nussi Abdullah, Rachel Elrom, and Noor Statieh
Produced by AED for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in June 2011
The document is available for pdf download via this website or the Microlinks website.

The Palestinian Investment Partners (PIP) was a grant program under the USAID|AED Expanded and Sustained Access to Financial Services (ESAF) Program. PIP issued grants to small, locally owned businesses in the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinian Territories, to procure new equipment and technology transfers. As part of its communication strategy, ESAF drafted success stories highlighting the benefits of PIP’s grants to the businesses and the Palestinian economy. In Summer 2010, Rachel interviewed grantees, researched businesses, and photographed equipment to create some of the success stories included in this document.


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